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WinTXS General TestPak

Test ID  

Viscosity is determined at three temperatures (two in processing range, one below), specific heat, melt and solid thermal conductivity, melt density, bulk density, solid density, compressive yield stress (at ambient, Tm-10 and midway).    
Included Tests  
# Test Id Test Name
1x D-010 Solid Density
1x D-015 Melt Density
3x M-031 Compressive Strength
3x R-011 Capillary Rheology (1 Temperature)
1x T-015 Specific Heat
1x T-103 Thermal Conductivity Scan
Measured property data is provided. A WinTXS database file is provided.  
1 - kg of pellets [details]
20 - plaques [details]
20 - molded discs (25mm diam.) [details]
General model that captures melting and solidification phenomena. Can be used for both semi-crystalline and amorphous materials. Temperature dependencies of various properties are provided. Particulate friction coefficients and compressibility are not provided.