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TestPaks® unleash the power of your CAE programs

Structural analysis (FEA), injection-mold analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other CAE programs rely on precise representations of material behavior. At DatapointLabs, we have streamlined the art of material modeling for CAE into an efficient process that consistently delivers accurate results. We have developed TestPaks for your programs in cooperation with leading software vendors. Rely on our expertise to help you select the right material models, generate the right data and get it into your programs, seamlessly.

  • TestPaks are complete: they contain all the measurements and model fitting needed for your simulation.
  • TestPaks are cost-effective and easy to order: they are available for most common material models.
  • TestPaks are self-consistent: properties are generated the same way, every time for a material model.
  • TestPaks are easy to use: CAE-ready material files are deposited into your CAE Materials Library at Matereality.

CAETestBench Validation

CAETestBench validation is a process where we validate your simulation using a standardized physical part created and tested under a rigid protocol that can be accurately reproduced in simulation. Using techniques such as digital image correlation (DIC), it is possible to probe the accuracy of the simulation to quantify its ability to replicate real-life situations. The test cases range from simple tensile modes to more complex multi-axial modes, impact and failure.

  • We perform a physical test on a complex geometry
  • We perform a simulation of the test
  • We validate by comparing simulation to physical test
  • Validations are deposited into your Electronic Lab Notebook at PicSci.