Plastic Flow markets software for design and optimization of polymer extrusion dies. Plastic Flow’s polyXtrue software gives a complete insight into the flow in extrusion dies by providing accurate quantitative information on all relevant parameters including velocity, pressure, temperature, shear rate, stress, residence time distribution, streamlines, and many other quantities. PolyXtrue also has the unique capability of accurately predicting the distortion in extrudate shape after the polymer leaves an extrusion die. The optiXtrue software automatically optimizes extrusion die geometries which have been parameterized in geometric modeling software such as SolidWorks or Inventor. Die geometries are optimized to achieve minimum variation in exit velocity distribution, and hence, minimum extrudate distortion. PolyXtrue and optiXtrue are based upon full 3-dimensional simulation of non-isothermal, non-Newtonian flow of polymers in extrusion dies. The software is based upon a unique and proprietary theory that simulates flow of polymers considering not only the shear viscosity, but also the elongational viscosity of the polymer. The software simulates the flow in extrusion dies taking into account the variation of temperature in die plates and also slip of polymer on die walls. The coextrusion module of polyXtrue accurately predicts the layer structure of up to 11 different polymers in the extruded products.
PELDOM is a Michigan Technological University based Extrusion simulation code that can be accessed on a consulting basis. Contact: Prof. Mahesh Gupta.
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