Industries Served

DatapointLabs provides expert material testing services to a global client base of over 1200 companies. We serve material properties to every industry segment where quality product development occurs. Below, we showcase some of our major client verticals. Please click on these links to view an industry-specific experience.


The aerospace industry focuses on high performance light weight materials where strength, stiffness and dynamic properties are important. Metals, seals, plastics, films, coatings, foams, ceramics are commonly tested. Properties measured include high speed tensile rate dependent properties of canopy plastics, hyperelastic properties of rubber seals and gaskets, thermal properties of fuels, creep and fatigue of plastics, metals and composites. ...more
Testing for Aerospace/Defense


The auto industry has been moving from metals to newer non-linear materials in a wide range of applications, from the bumper, to the fuel cell. We have tested fuel soaked plastic, foams, rubber, elastomers, composites, painted coatings, films, textiles. Applications range from interior, to under the hood to exterior, with specializations in instrument panels, seats, doors, bumper, floors, hoses, radiators, fuel tanks and seals. In 2008, we served 17 Fortune 500 companies in this vertical. ...more
Testing for Automotive


We have measured properties of materials used in biomedical applications that include in-vivo, durable medical products and disposable ware. Applications have ranged from impact resistance of artificial orthopedic parts, hyperelastic properties of eye care components in saline, properties of materials used in hospital equipment, dental implants, encapsulation materials for pharmaceuticals. ...more
Testing for Biomedical

Material Supplier

Metals, plastics, rubber, plastics, films, foam, paper, ceramics and composites represent some of the major classes of materials produced today. Material suppliers make materials that are designed to perform under highly demanding situations. ...more
Testing for Material Supplier

Building Materials

The building materials industry uses a wide range of materials with an increasing interest in non-conventional materials. Applications range from creep and fatigue to impact sustainability. The need to process novel materials generates a need for process simulation data. ...more
Testing for Building Materials

Consumer Products

The properties of cosmetic and household product bottles, packaging, foils and films. Materials such as plastics, sheet metal, rubber and foam used in used in small and large appliances, computers, cell phones and toys. Design considerations include short term behavior, impact, as well as long term creep and fatigue characteristics. ...more
Testing for Consumer Products

Energy & Petroleum

The properties of rubber for hoses, gaskets and seals, foams for insulation, steels for structural applications are important to this industry. Additionally, the complex properties of consumables such as drilling muds and cements must be well understood for the challenging environments they will face in real life. ...more
Testing for Energy & Petroleum


The testing needs of the food industry are in evolution, extending beyond classical evaluations such as taste and feel, to now include the quantification of physical properties. This new area allows for improved and novel processing of foods and better packaging to prevent loss from breakage. ...more
Testing for Food
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