Test ID Test name
G-000 Moldflow/C-MOLD Filling
G-001 Moldflow/C-MOLD Filling + Juncture Losses
G-002 Moldflow/C-MOLD Post-Filling
G-003 Moldflow/C-MOLD Post-Filling + Juncture Losses
G-006 Moldflow/C-MOLD Uncorrected Isotropic Shrinkage
G-007 Moldflow/C-MOLD Uncorrected Anisotropic Shrinkage
G-009 Moldflow/C-MOLD Mechanicals for Uncorrected Anisotropic Shrinkage
G-010 C-MOLD Filling/Cooling
G-011 C-MOLD Filling/Cooling + Juncture Loss (Bagley correction)
G-012 C-MOLD Post Filling for Amorphous Plastics
G-013 C-MOLD Post Filling + Juncture Loss for Amorphous Plastics
G-014 C-MOLD Anisotropic Shrinkage & Warpage (Amorphous Plastics)
G-015 C-MOLD Isotropic Shrinkage & Warpage (Amorphous Plastics)
G-017 C-MOLD Post Filling for Semi-Crystalline Plastics
G-018 C-MOLD Anisotropic Shrinkage for Semi-Crystalline Plastics
G-114 Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage
G-115 Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage + Juncture Losses
G-116 Moldflow MF/Stress Anisotropic
G-117 Moldflow MF/Stress Isotropic
G-120 Autodesk Helius PFA
G-150 Moldex3D Flow/Cool
G-152 Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool
G-154 Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp (Isotropic)
G-155 Moldex3D Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp (Anisotropic)
G-158 Moldex3D Isotropic Mechanical Properties
G-159 Moldex3D Anisotropic Mechanical Properties
G-170 DIGIMAT MX Elastic eX-E
G-171 DIGIMAT MX Elasto-Plastic (J2_EP)
G-171RE DIGIMAT J2_EP Reverse Engineering
G-172 DIGIMAT MX Druker Prager (DP)
G-172RE DIGIMAT DP Reverse Engineering
G-173 DIGIMAT MX Elasto-plastic with Damage (EP+D)
G-173RE DIGIMAT EP+D Reverse Engineering
G-174 DIGIMAT MX Crash (EVP)
G-174RE DIGIMAT EVP Reverse Engineering
G-175RE DIGIMAT TEVP Reverse Engineering
G-176 DIGIMAT MX Warpage (Thermomechanic)
G-176RE DIGIMAT TE Reverse Engineering
G-178 DIGIMAT MX Crash (EVP) Multi-Direction Rate Dependent Model
G-190 Altair Multiscale Designer for Unidirectional Composites [Continuous Unidirectional]
G-191 Altair Multiscale Designer for Woven Composites [Continuous Weave]
G-192 Altair Multiscale Designer for Chopped Fiber Composites [Discontinuous]
G-210 I-DEAS Mold Fill/Cool
G-212 I-DEAS Packing
G-215 I-DEAS Isotropic Viscoelastic Shrink/Warp
G-216 I-DEAS Isotropic Shrink/Warp
G-220 VISI Flow Filling
G-222 VISI Flow Filling/Thermal
G-224 VISI Flow Shape
G-242 SIMPOE Thermoplastic Filling Analysis
G-244 SIMPOE Thermoplastic Filling Analysis with Warpage
G-250 Cadmould Filling
G-251 Cadmould Packing
G-260 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Unfilled Amorphous Material
G-262 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Filled Amorphous Material
G-264 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Unfilled Semi-Crystalline Material
G-266 SIGMASOFT Thermoplastic: Filled Semi-Crystalline Material
G-268 SIGMASOFT Elastomer: Standard Filling + Curing
G-270 PlanetsX Flow / Pack / Cool (Thermoplastic Resin)
G-271 PlanetsX Flow / Pack / Cool / Warp (Thermoplastic Resin)
G-274 PlanetsX Flow / Pack/ Cool (Thermosetting Resin)
G-275 PlanetsX Flow / Pack/ Cool/ Warp (Thermosetting Resin)
G-310 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Viscous Isothermal)
G-312 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Viscous Non-Isothermal)
G-314 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Iso-Thermal Viscoelastic)
G-315 POLYFLOW Extrusion (Viscoelastic)
G-320 POLYFLOW Thermoforming (Isothermal)
G-321 POLYFLOW Thermoforming (Non-Isothermal)
G-330 POLYFLOW Blow Molding (Isothermal)
G-331 POLYFLOW Blow Molding (Non-Isothermal)
G-350 Polycad
G-360 VEL Basic
G-361 VEL Basic + Melt Thermal Properties
G-362 VEL Basic + Melt & Solid Thermal Properties
G-363 VEL Basic + Normal Stress & Elongational Viscosity
G-370 Altair HyperXtrude
G-380 WinTXS Melt Only TestPak
G-382 WinTXS General TestPak
G-390 PELDOM Isothermal TestPak
G-392 PELDOM Non-Isothermal TestPak
G-393 PolyXtrue Extrusion TestPak
G-394 PolyXtrue Extrusion Economy TestPak
G-410 FIDAP CFD Isothermal
G-430 Universal TestPak-Elastic Plastic Model
G-432 Universal TestPak-Hyperelastic (Incompressible)
G-434 Universal TestPak-Hyperelastic (Compressible)
G-460 Universal TestPak-Rate Dependent Model
G-510 VSS Crash / Foam Strain Rate Dependent Foam
G-520 VSS Strain Rate Dependent Isotropic Material
G-540 VSS Isothermal Forming
G-542 VSS Non-Isothermal
G-550 VSS Static Comfort/Textile (Material Type 151)
G-551 VSS Padding (Static)
G-552 VSS Static Comfort / Foam(Material Type 45)
G-553 VSS Dynamic Comfort / Foam(Material Type 45)
G-600 Altair RADIOSS Elastic Material Model (Law 1)
G-601 Altair RADIOSS Johnson-Cook Quasi-Static Material Model (Law 2)
G-602 Altair RADIOSS Tensile Rate Dependent Model (Laws: 2, 36, 44)
G-603 Altair RADIOSS Quasi-Static Foam Material (Law 70)
G-604 Altair RADIOSS Rate Dependent Foam Model (Law 70)
G-605 Altair RADIOSS Rate Dependent Foam Model with Unloading (Law 70)
G-606 Altair RADIOSS Hyperelastic Model (Law 42, 69)
G-607 Altair RADIOSS Hyperelastic Model with Viscoelasticity (Law 42)
G-610 EXTRUD Extrusion (Non-Isothermal)
G-653 SolidWorks Nonlinear Elastic
G-654 SolidWorks Plasticity – von Mises
G-660 SolidWorks HyperElastic – Ogden and Mooney Rivlin
G-662 SolidWorks Viscoelastic (Creep)
G-680 Autodesk Inventor Isotropic Elastic Model
G-705 Abaqus Isotropic Elastic Model (*ELASTIC)
G-706 Abaqus Orthotropic Composite
G-708 Abaqus Metal Forming (*ELASTIC *CREEP, OPTION=POTENTIAL)
G-709 Abaqus Finite Elastic Plasticity (*HYPERELASTIC *PLASTIC)
G-711 Abaqus Elastic and Plastic model (*ELASTIC *PLASTIC)
G-712 Abaqus Rate Dependent Viscoplastic (*RATE DEPENDENT)
G-720 Abaqus Hyperelastic Incompressible (*HYPERELASTIC)
G-722 Abaqus Hyperelastic Compressible (*HYPERELASTIC)
G-723 Abaqus Hyperfoam (*HYPERFOAM)
G-724 Abaqus Crushable Foam (*ELASTIC *CRUSHABLE FOAM)
G-725 Abaqus Crushable Foam with Rate Dependency (*ELASTIC, *CRUSHABLE FOAM, OPTION=RATE DEPENDENT)
G-730 Abaqus Creep Model (*CREEP, LAW=TIME)
G-740 Abaqus Stress Relaxation (*VISCOELASTIC, TIME=RELAXATION)
G-742 Abaqus Viscoelastic Model (*VISCOELASTIC)
G-743 Abaqus Non-Linear NVH Model - Rubber and Foam
G-751 ANSYS Kinematic Hardening (BKIN, MKIN/KINH)
G-753 ANSYS Isotropic Hardening (BISO, MISO)
G-754 ANSYS non-linear kinematic hardening Chaboche model (CHABOCHE)
G-755 ANSYS Viscoelastic (TB, Prony or EVISC)
G-757 ANSYS Creep (CREEP)
G-759 ANSYS Ogden Foam
G-760 ANSYS Hyperelastic w/ compressibility (HYPER)
G-761 ANSYS Hyperelastic (HYPER)
G-763 ANSYS Gasket (GASKET)
G-771 LS-DYNA High Speed Tensile Rate Dependent Model (MAT_019 or MAT_024 or MAT_089)
G-771V LS-DYNA Validated High Speed Tensile Rate Dependent Model (MAT_019 or MAT_024 or MAT_089)
G-772 LS-DYNA High Speed Foam Model (MAT_083 or MAT_163)
G-776 LS-DYNA GISSMO Failure Model
G-776I LS-DYNA (MAT_024 or SAMP)+GISSMO shell element failure model for metals
G-778 LS-DYNA SAMP-1 Semi-Analytical Model for Plastic (MAT_187)
G-778I LS-DYNA SAMP+GISSMO shell element failure model for ductile plastic (MAT_187+GISSMO)
G-780 LS-DYNA Hyperelastic (MAT_027)
G-782 LS-DYNA Hyperviscoelastic Rubber (MAT_077)
G-784 LS-DYNA Simplified Rubber with Rate Dependency (MAT_181)
G-790 LS-DYNA Forming (Barlat 3-parameter model: MAT_036)
G-791 LS-DYNA Transversely Anisotropic Elastic Plastic (MAT_037)
G-792 LS-DYNA Isotropic Elastic (MAT_001)
G-793 LS-DYNA Plastic Kinematic (MAT_003)
G-794 LS-DYNA Laminated Composite Fabric (MAT_054)
G-801 MSC.NASTRAN Linear Elastic (MAT1)
G-805 MSC.NASTRAN Orthotropic Elastic (MAT8)
G-807 MSC.NASTRAN Plasticity Model (MATS1)
G-808 MSC.NASTRAN Temp. Dependent Linear Elastic (MATT1)
G-810 MSC.NASTRAN Hyperelastic Incompressible Model (MATHP)
G-811 MSC.NASTRAN Hyperelastic Compressible Model (MATHP)
G-814 MSC.NASTRAN Creep Model (CREEP)
G-860 MSC.Dytran Isotropic Elastic (DMATEL)
G-869 MSC.Dytran Piecewise Linear Plasticity (Quasi-Static Properties) (DYMAT24)
G-870 MSC.Dytran Rate Dependent Flexural Piecewise Linear Plasticity (DYMAT24)
G-871 MSC.Dytran Rate Dependent Tensile Piecewise Linear Plasticity
G-901 MSC.MARC Linear Isotropic
G-905 MSC.MARC Orthotropic Linear Elastic
G-907 MSC.MARC Strain Rate Dependent Non-Linear
G-908 MSC.MARC Work Hardening Model
G-909 MSC.MARC Mechanical Temperature
G-910 MSC.MARC Creep/Stress Relaxation Model
G-912 MSC.MARC Isotropic Viscoelastic
G-914 MSC.MARC Hyperelastic Model
G-925 NX Nastran Linear Elastic (MAT1)
G-929 NX Nastran Isotropic Heat Transfer (MAT4)
G-932 NX Nastran Orthotropic (MAT8)
G-936 NX Nastran Gasket Material (MATG)
G-937 NX Nastran Hyperelastic (MATHE)
G-938 NX Nastran Hyperelastic Incompressible (MATHP)
G-939 NX Nastran Hyperelastic (Compressible) (MATHP)
G-940 NX Nastran Material Stress Dependence (MATS1)
G-941 NX Nastran Isotropic Temperature Dependence (MATT1)
G-942 NX Nastran Isotropic Creep (CREEP)
G-950 T-SIM Basic
G-951 T-SIM Basic + Thermal Properties
G-980 B-SIM Basic
G-981 B-SIM Basic + Thermal Properties
Q-123 Extrusion Blow Molding Processability
Q-305 WSS-M99D68-A1
Q-306 (exterior) WSS-M99D68-A2 (exterior applications)
Q-306 (interior) WSS-M99D68-A2 (interior applications)
Q-307 FNPA WSS-M99D68-A3 Filled non-polyamide
Q-307 FPA WSS-M99D68-A3 Filled polyamide
Q-307 UNPA WSS-M99D68-A3 Unfilled non-polyamide
Q-307 UPA WSS-M99D68-A3 Unfilled polyamide
Q-308 WSS-M99P51-A1
T-150 Heat Transfer Coefficient
U-060 Universal TestPak-Injection Molding of Isotropic Materials
U-061 Universal TestPak-Injection Molding of Anisotropic Materials
U-063 Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage Option
U-064 UF SIGMASOFT Shrinkage Option for unfilled materials
U-065 Juncture Loss Option for Moldflow
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