The precise and dependable laboratory

At DatapointLabs we are experts in cutting edge testing technologies. We apply scientifically rigorous techniques to provide precise characterizations of material behavior. Modern instruments, state-of-the-art connectivity, and systems to deliver data to you -ready to use.

A wide range of capabilities

We perform an extensive range of physical property measurements in three major categories over a wide range of conditions:

  • Mechanical, to understand the load carrying ability of materials
  • Rheological, to characterize the flow characteristics of plastics, and foods.
  • Thermal, to gauge how materials respond to heat and cold.

Data when you need it- guaranteed

Our laboratories operate smoothly and effortlessly, generating information that you need, on-time and correct, every time, guaranteed. We have three levels of service to meet your need. Our 48 hour PRIORITY service provides the fastest delivery in the industry.

Our Lab equipment. Used in material quality validation and testing.
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