BOSE Enduratec ELF 3200


The BOSE Enduratec ELF 3200 is a DMA that perform dynamic tests on a wide range of materials, from very soft rubber to stiff nylons. The DMA has the capability to measure properties in compressive, tensile, and flexural modes.

Operating Range

Frequency: 0.01-200 HZ
Load: 0-250 N
Displacement: ±12.7 mm
Temperature: -80 to 250C
Environments: 37C Saline Cell for in vivo biomedical simulation.


Storage and loss modulus v. frequency and temperature
Stress Relaxation v. temperature
Creep v. time, stress, temperature
Fatigue in tension, compression.
Our BOSE Enduratec ELF 3200 used in material testing
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