Instron 8872 Servohydraulic UTM


The Instron 8872 Universal Testing Machine allows a wide range of mechanical properties testing. The servohydraulic frame allows for fatigue testing performed in tensile, flex or compression. The machine is also modified to allow for high speed tensile, flex and copression tests. With the use of the conditioning oven all tests can be performed at non-ambient conditions.

Operating Range

Load: 2N to 25KN
Speed: 0.005 to 60,000 mm/min
Temperature: -70 to 250°C


elongation measurements
tensile, compressive, flexural stress-strain data
Poisson's ratio
Young's modulus, shear modulus
elevated & cryogenic temperatures
tensile, compressive, and flex
rate dependence of materials
fatigue (tensile)
Our Instron 8872 Servohydraulic UTM used in material testing
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