DYNATUP POE2000 Instrumented Pendulum Impact Tester


The Dynatup POE2000 is a low-energy pendulum impact test machine used for accurate and repeatable Izod and Charpy impact testing of plastics, composites and ceramics in accordance with ASTM and ISO specifications. The system design allows for both instrumented and non-instrumented testing.

Operating Range

Drop Height: 0.62m or 165° to 0° datum
Energy: 2, 4, 8 or 16 ft-lbs
Temperature: All testing at ambient temperature. Specimens may be conditioned at non-ambient temperatures, removed and immediately tested at ambient.
Velocity: 3.5 m/s maximum


notched and unnotched Izod and Charpy impact properties
load and energy vs. deflection curves
Our DYNATUP POE2000 Instrumented Pendulum Impact Tester used in material testing
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