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This TestPak provides data input for DIGIMAT MX reverse engineeering. It includes tensile stress-strain, strength and modulus, is performed at 0°, 45° and 90° orientation and a Poisson's ratio in the 0° direction. Additional tensile tests at four more strain rates are performed in the 90° direction to detect the the strain rate dependence.

Included Tests

1x M-204 Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus
1x M-206 Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, Modulus and Poisson's Ratio
1x M-232 High Speed Tensile Stress-Strain


-A reverse engineering service is offered to create a DIGIMAT material card [G-174RE]

-15°, 30°, 60° orientations

-DMA test [M-610] for viscoelastic effects

-Very High Speed Tensile Stress-Strain test [M-235] for strain rates to 1000 /s


: 50 plaques



This model is used in crash, drop testing and impact simulation. It is used to introduce strain rate dependece into the material model. For use in applications in which analysis extends beyond the elastic region of a material into the plastic region. This model is not recommended for materials exhibiting large strains. It is designed for materials obeying von Mises yield criteria.