Falling Dart Impact Validation for LS-DYNA Crash Material Model

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Impact tests based on ASTM D3763 are performed to provide a test bench for validating the high strain-rate material models used in crash/drop test simulations. A hemispherical tipped dart impactor with a mass of 23kg and radius of 6.35mm is used to impact a circumferentially clamped plate with a radius of 38mm. Initial velocity of the dart is 3.35 m/s at the point of impact; the velocity during the event decreases in proportion to the energy absorbed as the impactor penetrates the sheet. The experiment is validated against the target simulation for which the material model has been developed. This validation is currently available for LS-DYNA MAT_024, MAT_089, or MAT_019 models (must also order G-771 TestPak).


The validation can be carried out at other speeds and temperatures than the called out for those covered by the material model and experiment.


  • ASTM D3763
  • ISO 6603-1


Deflection at Maximum Load, Displacement v. Time Plot, Energy and Load v. Deflection Curves, Energy and Load v. Time Curves, Maximum Load. This data appears in Matereality as Instrumented Dart Impact.


Number of times this test is repeated: 5


10 impact plaques [details]


The test results in multi-axial stress states allowing us to probe the validity of uniaxial tensile property-based material models for use in more complex real-life scenarios.

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