Ribbed Plaque Flexural Validation for Abaqus *Elastic *Plastic Model

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A plaque with ribs perpendicular to the loading surface is placed on a flexural test apparatus in such a way as to induce tensile loading along the bottom edge of the ribs and compression along the top of the ribs. This geometry and test setup imparts complex deformation in the rib and rib interface thus making it an ideal setup for validation of injection-molded plastics. Strains on the surface of the outward facing rib is measured using DIC as well as the force and displacement of the loading nose are used for the validation. This test is only available for the *Elastic *Plastic model in Abaqus up to moderate strains, failure is not considered in this model.


Can be tested at varying temperatures.


  • ASTM D790


Flexural Stress-Strain Curves, Load v. Displacement. This data appears in Matereality as Flexural Properties.


Number of times this test is repeated: 5


10 Ribbed Validation Plaque [details]


Through flexing a molded rib along its strong axis, a complex state of stress is imposed on the part. By simulating this complex deformation and validating against the real measurements of force, displacement, and surface strain; confidence is gained when using the material model for complex deformations.
Note: Validation of fiber-filled plastics needs additional material modeling steps that fall outside the scope of this test. Contact us for details.

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