FIDAP is a general-purpose software package for the simulation of incompressible or compressible flows, with particular strength for applications in the materials processing field. FIDAP is the flow modeling tool of choice for applications such as polymer processing, thin film coating, biomedical, semiconductor, crystal growth, metallurgy, glass processing and related fields. Based on the finite-element method, FIDAP offers complete mesh flexibility and a range of well-validated turbulence models, free surface modeling, non-Newtonian rheology, fluid structure interaction, buoyancy-dominated flow, electromagnetic forces, chemical reactions, and advanced radiation modeling.
With the unequalled depth and unparalleled breadth of our engineering simulation solutions, companies in virtually every industry are transforming their leading edge design concepts into innovative products and processes that work. They choose ANSYS as their simulation partner, deploying the world’s most comprehensive multiphysics solutions to solve their complex engineering challenges. The engineered scalability of our solutions delivers the flexibility customers need, within an architecture that is adaptable to the processes and design systems they already have.
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