DatapointLabs was started in 1995 as Datapoint Testing Services, a testing laboratory committed to meeting the material property needs of plastics design engineers. Datapoint Testing Services became synonymous with on-time delivery of precision, design-quality material properties.

The company was rebranded as DatapointLabs in the new Millenium. Since 2018, Datapointlabs is a part of Applus Laboratories, a global testing giant that serves many industries.


Mr. Hubert Lobo is a recognized leader in the understanding of non-linear material behavior, and how it impacts virtual product design. With >30 years of experience in this area, he brings valuable insights to the product development community in its efforts to design with modern day materials like plastics, rubber, foams and composites.

Mr. Lobo has a Masters degree in Engineering from Cornell University. He has authored numerous articles and books, including the Handbook of Plastics Analysis. In 2002, the Society of Plastics Engineers honored Mr. Lobo as one of its youngest Fellows, recognizing his pioneering work in quantification of material behavior for CAE.


We strengthen the materials core of manufacturing enterprises around the world to facilitate their use of new materials, novel manufacturing processes, and simulation-based product development.

DatapointLabs Today

Celebrating 25 years of experience in serving product design communities across the globe

DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials is a US-based center of excellence for the measurement of physical properties of materials needed for product development, CAE, and R&D. With our testing services and software for materials, we help companies build enduring data collections that accurately represent the materials used in their products.

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