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Leverage your research

'For properties of metal injection molding compounds, DatapointLabs pushed the envelope to give useful data for simulation. The value here is DatapointLabs was able to characterize these complex materials as capably as plastic materials...' -Senior Scientist at a major materials supplier

DatapointLabs is your answer to maintaining important experimental capabilities at a fraction of the cost. It is our aim to provide you with accurate data, whether routine or novel. This includes analyzing your problems, as well as defining and executing your experiments. Add to this, a guaranteed quick turnaround on test results and you have a package that can lend tremendous leverage to your research by helping you accelerate your programs with timely, cost-effective experimental support.

We are your satellite laboratory

DatapointLabs understands that you need to be in close touch with your experiments. You can observe and evaluate the progress of your tests in person, or we can present the findings to you in the form of photographic and video presentations. Wherever applicable, we provide data electronically to facilitate further analysis.  

Innovating to keep you on the cutting edge

What if the kinds of tests you need are simply not available anywhere? This is where we come to the fore. We apply our knowledge of material behavior and our expertise in testing to create novel scientific solutions that work for you. If needed, we will design and develop test instruments towards this end.

Designing experiments

Custom Solutions

Because our catalog is so comprehensive, it is quite possible that your needs will be met with a combination of one or more tests. You can request a Custom solution; contact our knowledgeable staff and provide a complete description of your needs. We will respond within 24 hours.

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