Compression Set of Rubbers (Constant Deflection)

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A test specimen is compressed to a set deflection maintained under this condition for a specified time and at a specified temperature.  The residual deformation of a test specimen is measured 30 minutes after removal from a compression device in which the specimen had been subjected for a definite time to compressive deformation under specified conditions.  The measurement of residual deformation is used to calculate compression set.

NOTE: Due to the long-term nature of this test it is necessary to speak to a sales associate before placing an order. Because the typical test duration depends on the client, priority and economy pricing are not available unless a shorter test duration is desired.



  • ASTM D395


Compression Set, Final Thickness, Initial Thickness. This data appears in Matereality as Compression Set.


Number of times this test is repeated: 3


4 prisms [details]


Compression set tests are intended to measure the ability of rubber compounds to retain elastic properties after prolonged action of compressive stresses. These tests are considered to be mainly applicable to service conditions involving static stresses. Tests are frequently conducted at elevated temperatures.

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