DMA - Tensile/Compressive ( 0.1-100 Hz)

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The test specimen is subject to a tensile or compressive loading over a range of frequencies at a small strain, and the force transmitted through the specimen is measured. This is used to calculate the E¹ and E² curves, as well as Tan delta, the ratio of the two moduli. If a mastercurve generated through time-temperature superposition (TTS) is needed please select M-600t


The test can be conducted at different preloads in tension or compression. The oscillatory strain is typically small. Large preloads can result in the non-linear visco-elastic behaviors.


  • ASTM D5026
  • ISO 6721-4


Modulus v. Frequency, Tan Delta v. Frequency. This data appears in Matereality as Dynamic Mechanical Properties in Tension.


Number of times this test is repeated: 1


2 flex bars [details]


Data gathered from this test is valuable for quality control, research and development. Moduli and Tan delta versus frequency plots provide graphical depictions of material stiffness and damping behavior under specified conditions.

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