High Speed Tensile Stress-Strain

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A universal testing machine (UTM) is used. The test specimen is loaded between the grips of the UTM. A mechanical (contact) extensometer is used to measure strain up to a speed of 20000 mm/min. The specimen is stretched at a constant speed while load and strain are recorded. The speed of testing is specified by the relevant standard, or client request.



  • ASTM D638
  • ASTM E8


Engineering Tensile Stress-Strain Curves, Offset Yield Strain in Tension, Offset Yield Stress in Tension, Tensile Modulus, Tensile Strain at Yield, Tensile Strength at Yield, True Tensile Stress-Strain Curves. This data appears in Matereality as Tensile Properties.


Number of times this test is repeated: 5


10 high speed tensile bars [details]


This test provides high strain rate stress-strain data for the simulation of impact situations. It is usually combined with stress-strain data spanning several decades of strain rates to create a rate dependant model of the material.

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