Izod Pendulum Impact

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A Dynatup POE 2000 apparatus is used to impact the sample.  Specimens are bars with dimensions specified in ASTM or ISO and notched accordingly.  The sample is clamped vertically, with the notch on impact side.  At set velocity and energy, the pendulum is released to impact the specimen.  The test is complete when the pendulum completes one swing. 


The test can be performed at non-ambient temperatures.


  • ASTM D256
  • ISO 180
  • ASTM D4812


Break Type, Impact Resistance. This data appears in Matereality as Izod Impact.


Number of times this test is repeated: 5


10 notched Izod specimens [details]


This test is used as a means of quality control or materials specification. It can, in some cases, be used on a finished product to determine if the part will fracture under the set conditions. Data gathered from this test are valuable for comparative purposes, to aid the engineer in choosing an appropriate material for a specific application.

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