DMA Cone and Plate Dynamic Rheology (1 Temperature)

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A dynamic mechanical analyzer is used. A test specimen in the form of a circular disk is sandwiched between the cone and plate of the apparatus, at temperature. The cone is oscillated over a range of frequencies at constant strain and the torque transmitted through the specimen is measured.  This is used to calculate the G’ and G” curves, as well as a complex viscosity.


Samples in powder, fluid or pellet forms can also be used.


  • ASTM D4440
  • ISO 6721-10


Complex Viscosity v. Frequency, Crossover, Modulus v. Frequency, Polydispersity Index, Strain Sweep. This data appears in Matereality as Melt Rheology by DMA.


Number of times this test is repeated: 1


2 molded discs (25mm diam.) [details]


The test provides a precise measurement of complex viscosity. The angle of the cone produces a constant shear stress throughout the sample. Zero shear viscosity, loss and storage moduli are results of this test.

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