SolidWorks HyperElastic – Ogden and Mooney Rivlin

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This TestPak includes tensile stress-strain curves, compressive stress-strain curves, and a planar tension test. For thin sheet materials, a biaxial tension test may be performed instead of the compressive experiment. This TestPak does not account for compressibility effects. The stress-strain data is provided in both tabulated and graphical forms, and fit to Mooney-Rivlin or Ogden material model.

Included Tests

1x M-205 Tensile Properties of Elastomers
1x M-212 Compressive Properties of Elastomers
1x M-220 Planar Tension (Shear)


Equibiaxial tension test can be substituted for the uniaxial compression test.


: 6 hyperelastic test specimens



This TestPak can be used for modeling rubber-like materials where solutions involve large deformations. The material is assumed nonlinear elastic, isotropic and incompressible.

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