Abaqus Crushable Foam (*ELASTIC *CRUSHABLE FOAM)

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Tests are performed in compression on foams that exhibit crushing with a Poisson's ratio that is essentially zero. A uniaxial test in compression is performed to capture modulus and a stress-strain curve. From this data both an *ELASTIC as well as a *CRUSHABLE FOAM model is created including the required hardening rule.

Included Tests

1x M-210 Compressive Stress-Strain, Strength and Modulus
1x M-213 Confined Compression Stress-Strain (Hydrostatic, for rubbers)


Please note, this test does not include rate dependency effects. For rate dependency please select [G-725].


: 10 prisms



This model is useful for simulations that involve the use of materials that exhibit crushing behavior, especially useful for packaging materials. It is not recommended for recoverable foams.

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