Tensile Creep

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A creep apparatus is used to apply a specified load (stress) to the sample. Samples are typically tensile bars. Specimen is clamped between grips at either end, and an extensometer attached. A constant load is applied to specimen at start of test. Strain measurements are made at specified time intervals throughout duration of test. Two replicates are performed.

NOTE: Due to the long-term nature of this test it is necessary to speak to a sales associate before placing an order. Because the typical test duration is six weeks, priority and economy pricing are not available unless a shorter test duration is desired.


Duration of the test is typically 1000 hours. Tests can be carried out for longer at client's request, with additional cost based on a daily rate.


  • ASTM D2990
  • ISO 899-1


Tensile Strain v. Time, Isochronous Tensile Stress-Strain Curves. This data appears in Matereality as Tensile Creep.


Number of times this test is repeated: 2


6 tensile bars [details]


This test can be used to find the creep modulus of a sample subjected to long term constant tensile loads. It can also be used on a finished product to determine if the part will fail under the specific conditions of the test. By measuring creep at multiple stress levels, isochronous stress-strain plots can be made.

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