Combined Loading Compression (CLC)

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This test is intended for measuring compression properties of polymer matrix composites. Specimens are clamped in a combined loading compression fixture, which maintains perfect axial alignment and prevents buckling of the composite material during the compression test. Strain is measured using non-contact extensometry.


Can be tested below and above ambient temperatures.


  • ASTM D6641


Compressive Modulus, Compressive Strain at Yield, Compressive Strength at Yield, Engineering Compressive Stress-Strain Curves, Offset Yield Strain in Compression, Offset Yield Stress in Compression, True Compressive Stress-Strain Curves. This data appears in Matereality as Compressive Properties.


Number of times this test is repeated: 5


10 call [details]


Used to acquire compressive strength of composite materials.

This test is not intended to measure compressive modulus due to very short gauge lengths and inability to measure strains accurately in the gauge region. A modulus is provided, but this is for reference purposes only. A better test for modulus is the Compressive Modulus test, M-012.

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