Abaqus Hyperelastic Compressible (*HYPERELASTIC)

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In modeling situations where the material is highly confined, it is necessary to model both the volumetric and deviatoric behavior in order to obtain accurate results. This TestPak includes tensile stress-strain curves, compressive stress-strain curves, a planar tension test, and volumetric compression at one temperature using PVT data. Data is fit to a Mooney-Rivlin model or the appropriate hyperelastic model.

Included Tests

1x M-205 Tensile Properties of Elastomers
1x M-212 Compressive Properties of Elastomers
1x M-220 Planar Tension (Shear)
1x M-214 Volumetric Stress Strain Curves


For thin sheet materials, a biaxial tension test [M-218] may need to be performed instead of the compressive experiment.


: 6 hyperelastic test specimens



This TestPak is used to model materials exhibiting an elastic response up to large strains. It describes hyperelastic behavior, where the material exhibits significant compressibility. Materials such as rubber are approximated well using this model.

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