Moldflow/C-MOLD Post-Filling

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Properties needed to perform a Moldflow injection mold-filling and packing simulation are generated. These include viscosity vs. shear rate data at three temperatures (two in the processing range and one below); thermal properties and PVT data. Data are fit to Moldflow models.

Included Tests

1x D-020 PVT (Isothermal Heating)
3x R-011 Capillary Rheology (1 Temperature)
1x R-018 No-Flow Temperature
1x T-015 Specific Heat
1x T-103 Thermal Conductivity Scan


More advanced TestPaks are available to simulate shrinkage and warpage.


: 2 kg of pellets


: 1 parts, any shape



Use this TestPak for properties required to simulate the packing stage, where a hold pressure is applied to the plastic to compensate for material shrinkage. Post-filling simulation may be used to determine how much pack/hold pressure to use, when to decrease the pressure, and how long to apply the pressure prior to gate freeze.

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