Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage + Juncture Losses

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Properties include Bagley-corrected viscosity vs. shear rate at three temperatures, with juncture loss coefficients; thermal properties, PVT data. Shrinkage measurments are performed by Moldflow to determine the Corrected Residual In-Molded Stress (CRIMS) model coefficients. Ready-to-load data files are provided. Because these measurements are performed at an outside lab, standard turn-around time is approximately 4 weeks, and no economy service is available.

Included Tests

1x D-020 PVT (Isothermal Heating)
3x R-012 Capillary Rheology with Bagley Correction (1 Temperature)
1x R-018 No-Flow Temperature
1x T-015 Specific Heat
1x T-103 Thermal Conductivity Scan


A fast turnaround alternative is the [G-007] non-CRIMS TestPak, which is found to be particularly well suited to fiber-filled plastics. Additional [R-012] tests will need to be added to include the juncture-loss effect. [G-007] is available in 5 business days.


: 25 kg of pellets


: 1 parts, any shape



This TestPak enables the simulation of injection molding through shrinkage and warpage of the part. Select this TestPak when improved prediction accuracy of pressure drop in runner and gate is needed.

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