LS-DYNA High Speed Foam Model (MAT_083 or MAT_163)

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Compressive experiments are carried out over a range of strain rates ranging from quasi-static to the high speed impact regime. Three low speed compressive tests are performed along with two high speed experiment covering a strain rate range of five decades. A tensile test is also performed to provide stability to the model and provide the tensile cutoff value. Data are analyzed for use in the LS-DYNA MAT_083 (Fu Chang) or MAT_163 model.

Included Tests

1x D-010 Solid Density
1x M-204 Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus
3x M-210 Compressive Stress-Strain, Strength and Modulus
2x M-231 High Speed Compressibility of Foams and Elastomers



: 20 prisms



In conjunction with LS-DYNA, this data can be used to simulate the behavior of crushable or elastic foam components subjected to impact situations.

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