Altair Multiscale Designer for Unidirectional Composites [Continuous Unidirectional]

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Tensile tests per ASTM D3039 are performed on specimens cut from a [0], [90], and [45/-45] laminates. Compression tests per ASTM D6641 are performed on specimens cut from a [0] and [90] laminates. Data in the form of stress-strain curves paired with DIC images is converted into an Altair Multiscale Designer material model for import into CAE software (Altair OptiStruct, Atair Radioss, Abaqus, or LS-Dyna).

Included Tests

2x M-209 Combined Loading Compression (CLC)
3x M-204C Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus for Composite Materials


Optional additional testing is available for matrix mechanical and physical properties, composite physical properties and additional composite mechanical properties. Inquire for details and pricing. Testing can be performed at room temperature dry (RTD), cold temperature dry (CTD), and/or elevated temperature wet (ETW) conditions. Quoted prices are for RTD; CTD and ETW conditions incur an additional charge. If interested in adhering to CHM-17 B18 standards, three (3) separate batches of material must be tested.


: 40 tensile bars


: 20 compression bars


: 1 call



This TestPak produces a MDS material model file for UD composite materials. This material model can be used in structural simulations within a variety of commercial finite element solvers, including Altair OptiStruct, Altair Radioss, Abaqus, and LS-Dyna to more accurately simulate composite material behavior. The Altair Multiscale Designer software is accessed using HyperWorks Units (HWUs).

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