LS-DYNA (MAT_024 or SAMP)+GISSMO shell element failure model for metals

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Rate dependent tensile data is generated at 5 strain rates from .01 -100/s. DIC is used to measure a variety of properties including grooved tensile properties with two different notch diameters, 0 degree orientation shear properties, and biaxial failure via an Erichssen cupping test. Quasi-static tensile tests on full sized tensile bars are performed as well. A density measurement is also provided. Specimen preparation is included. An elastoplastic and fracture material card for shell elements is provided by our partner, IDIADA. MAT_024 or SAMP-1 may be used as the base model, depending on which model provides the most robust and accurate representation of the material behavior. For further information about the use of SAMP model for metals please contact us. The element size is between 3-5 mm. The simulations of certain deformation modes are also provided.

Included Tests

1x M-242 Biaxial Force and Surface Strain by Punch Test
3x M-232 High Speed Tensile Stress-Strain
1x M-219 Shear Stress-Strain
1x M-204 Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus
1x D-010 Solid Density
1x Z-998 Data Analysis
1x SP-105 Specimen Machining Services
6x M-204V 2D Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus using 2D DIC
1x M-221 3 Point Flexural Stress-Strain, Strength and Modulus


Shell element formulation ELFORM 16, ELFORM 2 or both can be used. The default is ELFORM 2. Extra charges will apply if both formulations are needed.


: 5 thin sheets or film



Typically used in automotive applications for failure analysis in sheet metals. Please provide the material's specific application.

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