Abaqus Viscoelastic Model (*VISCOELASTIC)

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This TestPak is used to model the elastic response of an incompressible material when it is important to include dissipative losses due to viscous (internal friction) effects. Visco-elastic tests in torsion are performed to obtain shear moduli v. frequency data over a range of five temperatures. Time-temperature superposition to develop a master curve; other transformations are made to create a *VISCOELASTIC model.

Included Tests

1x M-601 DMA - Torsional (5 Temperatures, 0.1-500/s)


This test is performed for simulation performed in the frequency domain. For time based measurements, please see [G-740] or [G-744]. The frequency domain data can also be transposed to a time domain for applications in stress relaxation (TIME=RELAXATION TEST DATA) and creep analysis (TIME=CREEP TEST DATA). Temperature dependency can be introduced by introduction of the *TRS sub-option.


: 2 torsional DMA specimen



The visco-elastic effects are defined as a function of FREQUENCY for steady-state, small vibration analysis. The *ELASTIC model [G-705] must be used with this model. This model can also be used with a *HYPERELASTIC model ([G-720] or [G-722]).

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