RADIOSS Rate Dependent Foam Model with Unloading (Law 70)

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Compressive experiments are carried out over a range of strain rates ranging into the high-speed impact regime. Tests include three stress-strain measurements in the .01-1 /s strain rate range, and two high-speed compressive stress-strain curves in the 10-100 /s range, covering a total strain rate range of five decades. A compression curve loaded to a strain just prior to densification is then unloaded. Poisson's ratio as well as one quasi-static tensile test are also provided for stability.

Included Tests

1x M-215 Compressive Properties of Foam with Unloading
1x D-010 Solid Density
1x M-206 Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, Modulus and Poisson's Ratio
3x M-210 Compressive Stress-Strain, Strength and Modulus
2x M-231 High Speed Compressibility of Foams and Elastomers


For additional costs, the model can be customized to include non-ambient temperatures.


: 6 tensile bars


: 40 foam specimens



This model allows you to simulate both the loading and unloading behavior of a foam impact.

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