Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, Modulus, and Poisson's ratio for Composite Materials

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An aligned universal testing machine (UTM) is used to determine Poisson's ratio, modulus, tensile strength at yield or break, and stress-strain curves for composite materials. Testing is performed per ASTM D3039 or another tensile testing composite standard of choice. The test specimen is loaded between the grips of the UTM. A non contact extensometer is used to measure axial and transverse strain. Adhesively bonded tabbing is not included in this test. Please call if this process is required for your material.



  • ASTM D3039/D3039M


Engineering Tensile Stress-Strain Curves, Offset Yield Strain in Tension, Offset Yield Stress in Tension, Poissons Ratio, Tensile Modulus, Tensile Strain at Break, Tensile Strength at Break. This data appears in Matereality as Tensile Properties.


Number of times this test is repeated: 5


10 call [details]


This test is used for design engineering and may be required for automotive certification.

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