Simpoe-Mold (standalone version), SimpoeWorks (fully embedded into SolidWorks environment), SimpoePro (fully embedded into Pro/Engineer and CREO environment), and SimpoEdge (fully embedded into Solid Edge environment) simulate Plastic Injection Molding for part, multi-part, parts and inserts, multi domain, etc.
SIMPOE softwares are targeted to the mold specialist as well as to the mechanical Engineer who, in a collaborative product development approach, wants to take into account plastic parts manufacturing constraints early in the product design stage.

Simpoe-Mold Simulates filling, packing, cooling, and part warpage. With technologies for shell and plain parts (full 3D mesh), inserts, gas assisted, and co-injection. Ultra fast automatic mesher.

SimpoeWorks a SolidWorks Gold Partner product, SimpoePro a PTC Gold Partner advantage software, SimpoEdge a Siemens Solution Partner simulate filling, packing, cooling and part warpage.
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